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Iwi Tavor TAR-21 rifle

$1,999.00 $1,500.00

Effective firing range: 550 m
In service: 2001–present
Place of origin: Israel
Rate of fire: 750-900 RPM
Feed system: 30-round detachable box STANAG Magazine (5.56×45mm NATO)
Barrel length: 460 mm (18.1 in) (TAR-21, STAR-21); 380 mm (15.0 in) (CTAR-21); 410 mm (16.1 in) (TC-21)
Length: 720 mm (28.3 in) (TAR-21, STAR-21); 640 mm (25.2 in) (CTAR-21); 670 mm (26.4 in) (TC-21)

Tavor TAR-21 rifle for sale online. 5.56X45mm Assault Rifle with integral MEPRO 21 reflex sight. Buy Tavor TAR-21 rifle for sale online now.

   The Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle was developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI) back in the early 1990s. This weapon is simple, tough and versatile. It was adopted by Israel in 2006 and became a standard issue infantry rifle. This assault rifle has been exported to more than 20 countries.

   It is a gas operated, selective fire assault rifle with a bullpup design. It is chambered for a standard NATO 5.56×45 mm ammunition. Weapon has modular design with easily replaceable barrel. It can be quickly adapted for a variety of roles by simply changing the barrel. The TAR-21 proved to be reliable.

   Design of this weapon is based on ergonomics and composite materials. The Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle is fully ambidextrous. There are spent case ejection ports on each side. Right or felt side ejection can be selected. A charging handle can be installed on either side of the weapon. Its bullpup layout gives an edge at close-quarters and when employed inside vehicles. However it is also well suited for precision firing at long range.

 This weapon has a standard Picatinny-type rail and is compatible with various scopes or night vision systems. It comes with red-dot sight as standard. It has been report that the TAR-21 is much more accurate and reliable than the M4 carbine. However it looses in terms of accuracy to the M16 due to a shorter barrel.

   This assault rifle is compatible with the US M203 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher.


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