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Taurus Judge revolver

$420.00 $350.00

  • Uses 2-1/2″ .410 shells, or .45 Colt
  • Stainless steel frame, cylinder, and barrel
  • Steel cylinder and barrel
  • Ribber Grip
  • High-visibility front sight
  • Taurus Security System

Taurus Judge revolver for sale online. A five shot revolver designed and produced by Taurus. Buy Taurus Judge revolver for sale now discreetly

The .410 shotshell and a rifled handgun barrel are not a ballistic match made in heaven, but that’s never hurt sales of the Taurus Judge. Most of these five-shot .410/.45 Colt revolvers are probably sold for home defense, but they’re wildly popular as truck and ATV guns, too. Though your best snake defense is usually to just walk around it, the Judge is a notable reptile slayer from about 10 feet. For larger threats, you can go with a load of .410 buckshot or a 250-grain .45 Long Colt bullet (though if you’re going to do that, you might as well get a dedicated .45 LC revolver). They’re well-made guns and always attention-getters at the range. Might as well buy one for yourself.

The Taurus® Judge Public Defender™ Double/Single Action Revolver features a steel skeleton inside its polymer exterior frame. The Public Defender is lightweight and quick to get on target. The steel cylinder is chambered for 2-1/2″ .410 shotgun shells, or .45 Colt; and the barrel is rifled. An extended ejector rod kicks out fired cases with ease. Ribbed rubber grips absorb recoil and enhance user control. Comes with an adjustable rear sight and a high-visibility front sight. The Judge Public Defender can be used as both a double and a single action revover. An exposed hammer allows you to cock and fire the revolver in single-action mode; and a transfer bar safety mechanism prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear. The Judge Public Defender Double/Single Action Revolver utilizes the Taurus Security System (TSS), enabling you to disable the weapon completely with the turn of a key.


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