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Smith and Wesson Kit Gun (Model 63)

$800.00 $600.00

Model 63
22 LR
HI-VIZ® Fiber Optic Red
Single/Double Action

Smith and Wesson Kit Gun for sale online. stainless-steel J-frame and chambered in 22 Long Rifle. Buy Smith and Wesson Kit Gun for sale now.

   Smith & Wesson revolvers are revered as some of the very finest in the world, and no other manufacturer’s wheelgun offerings come close to the sheer number of theirs that have served military and police units around the world, and defended the lives of citizens against attack.

Smith & Wesson’s long line of guns have had a profound impact on revolver design, and many of their innovations set high watermarks in performance that stand and are emulated to this very day.

One of their most loved and used revolver lineups in their catalog are the J-frames: compact, small frame revolvers, completely at home as dedicated concealed carry or backup guns for protection, icons in this class being the Model 36, the legendary Chief’s Special, the all-arounder 642 and the flyweight 342 made from advanced alloys.

The history of the J-frame revolvers could fill a volume in and of itself, but one of special note is the .22 caliber Model 63, better known as the kit gun.

This all-steel .22 is a favorite among fans of rimfire revolvers in particular, and .22 handgun fans in general, but this petite wheelgun is of special notice for preppers and other proponents of self-sufficiency due to its ideal combination of qualities.

In this article, we will be taking a look at this favorite S&W rimfire and I’ll be offering up my opinion on its suitability as a survival and self-defense gun.


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