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SIG SG 550 riffle

$1,000.00 $800.00

Calibre 5.56 mm (.223 Rem.)
Trigger pull weight 35 N (3,5 kg)
Weight (empty) 4.100 g
Weight with (20 / 30 rounds) 4.440 g / 4.580 g
Function principle Gas operated
Bolt pattern Rotating bolt
Cycle rate approx. 700 rd / min
Magazine capacity 5, 10, 20, 30
Total length 998 mm
Length folded 772 mm
Height 210 mm
Line of sight 540 mm


SIG SG 550 for sale online. A long stroke gas-operated assault rifle fires from a closed bolt . Buy SIG SG 550 for sale online without FFL.

   The SIG SG 550 is produced since 1986. It has been adopted by the Swiss Army in 1990 as a standard issue military rifle. It has been exported to more than 20 countries. It is usually used by elite and special forces units. Over 600 000 of these assault rifles were produced.

   This weapon has traditional design. It is a gas operated, selective fire weapon, chambered for a standard NATO 5.56×45 mm ammunition. It may not seem obvious, but its operation system is actually based on the AK-47. It one of the finest 5.56 mm assault rifle ever made.

   Swiss army SG 550 assault rifles are usually fed from 20-round translucent magazines. However 5-, 10-, and 30-round capacity magazines are also available. Standard magazines can be clamped together for quicker reloading.

   Sighting equipment consists of a flip-up front sight and adjustable rear diopter. It has a sighting range of 400 m. Every rifle can be fitted with a detachable scope mount. Swiss army rifles are often used with 4x magnification scope. Current production models are available with a Picatinny-type rail and can mount various scopes, red dot, or night vision sights.


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