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Remington Versa Max

$1,200.00 $800.00

Barrel length: 26 or 28 in (66 or 71 cm); tactical and turkey models 22 in (56 cm)
Length: 47 1516 inches (121.8 cm) (26″)
Manufacturer: Remington Arms
Cartridge: 12 gauge (up to 3½” length)
Variants: Sportsman, Tactical
Sights: Fiber-optic; bead on Sportsman
Feed system: Tube magazine: 3+1 rounds (2+1 with 3½” shells); Tactical version 8+1 (10+1 with extension)

Remington Versa Max for sale online. Has a weather resistant, synthetic stock with textured panels. Buy Remington Versa Max for sale today .

The versatility of the rugged, value-priced VERSA MAX   Semi-Auto Shotgun in Mossy Oak Duck Blind™ camo makes it well suited for any type of waterfowl hunting, from goose hunting in corn stubble, to mallards in flooded timber, to teal in marshlands. It also blends in with the early spring turkey woods. The Remington  VERSA MAX Semi-Auto Shotgun uses the VersaPort gas operation system that vents gas from the shotgun’s chamber to operate the action. It is a very simple system with few moving parts and no O-rings, gaskets, or seals to maintain. The system uses the length of the shotgun shell hull to regulate the amount of gas, allowing the gun to operate with every type of shotgun shell from light 2-3/4″ loads up to 3-1/2″ magnums without any shooter adjustments. The VERSA MAX semi-automatic shotgun has a weather resistant, synthetic stock with textured panels on the fore-end and pistol grip that provide a solid hold in any environment. A molded in sling swivel stud on the butt-stock and a stud on the magazine cap allow the quick attachment of a sling. The self-cleaning, gas operation system of the Remington VERSA MAX Semi-Auto shotgun reduces recoil considerably, allowing the shooter to follow-up on missed birds or shoot multiple targets quickly. Sight acquisition is quick with a ivory front bead and a steel mid bead. Comes with 1 Flush Mount Pro Bore choke tube (modified).


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