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FAMAE SAF assault rifle,

$2,500.00 $2,000.00

Barrel length: 7.795″
Mass: 5.952 lbs
Designed: 1993
Place of origin: Chile
Rate of fire: 1,120–1,280 rounds/min
Effective firing range: 150 m

FAMAE SAF rifle for sale online. A blowback-operated; firing from a closed bolt. Buy FAMAE SAF rifle for sale online without FFL today.

The FAMAE Mini SAF is a shortened version of the SAF. Its compact design is intended for close quarters battle use by clandestine operations and special services. The Mini SAF is often configured with a sling attachment point instead of stock at the rear. In this configuration the overall length is only 320mm (12.5″). The Mini SAF is blowback-operated; firing from a closed bolt. It is based on the Swiss SIG SG 540 assault rifle which is produced under license by FAMAE. The design is a shortened version of the SIG 540 rifle, but the rifle’s rotating bolt has been replaced with a simple blowback bolt. The SAF has a bolt hold-open catch that engages after the final shot. The upper and lower receiver, as well as the trigger guard are steel, pistol grip and handguards are all made from polymer.

The SAF series are in service with police services and militaries within latin america.

Comes with x2 metal 5/20 magazines, sling, cleaning kit.

The FAMAE SAF submachine gun is produced and manufactured by FAMAE since 1993. Since 1999, Taurus have signed an agreement with FAMAE to produce the SAF under license in .40 S&W for the Brazilian law enforcement. Semi-automatic only variants manufactured by FAMAE are mostly marketed for sale in Canada



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