Buy firearms discreetly and have it shipped to your address

Buy Firearms discreetly (handguns for sale, rifles, ammo, shortguns etc ) and have them shipped to your address with or without FFL.

Buy Firearms discreetly online

Looking for somewhere to buy firearms discreetly like handguns and have us shipped directly to your address without an FFL? Don’t get it wrong, we’ll ship to your FFL if that’s you want. But this is one of the few places on the clear net where you can securely buy a firearm without the use of a firearms dealer coming in between.

We deal in other firearms including pistols, revolvers, short guns, rifles, optics, ammunition or bullets, holsters, magazines, silencers or suppressors and many other accessories.  We have a wide range of hand guns for sale. Ranging from manufacturers like Glock, Beretta, Smith and Wesson and many other manufactuerers of handguns with excellent reputation. Also these handguns range in caliber like 9mm, .45 and many others.

We have ammunition for all firearms. The only problem may be with the manufacturer the client wants. We sell ammunition for 9mm handguns both bulk and retail.

Here you can buy rifles of different caliber and brands. We got AK47 rifles, AR15 rifles, Sniper Rifles like Barrett MRAD . This Rifles are available for sale at excellent prices.

If you’re looking to buy a handgun for your personal protection and don’t know exactly what to go for, we can give you our expert opinion to make sure you get something that helps you meet your needs.

buy firearms discreetly and have it shipped to your address.
about discreet arms

About us

We’re located in OKC OK, USA. We ship discreetly within the US.  If you’re out of the US, please contact us if we can ship to you before placing your order.

We’re discreet arms dealers with the goal of supplying arms and related products for personal use, game, sports, work and other related activities  to those who are in need and who we can reach. So once more, we emphasize the fact that you should contact us first if you’re out of the US.

  If you’re within US, Canada, UK, France, Jamaica, Mexico, Columbia, Nigeria, then you got no problems.

Any other country, then please contact us for confirmation before placing your order.  The most secure method is to send us your wickr address in the message box and we’ll be with you in less than an hour.

We don’t have a store front. We need to be clear on that but if you want to pickup a firearm that you’ve seen on our website, there’s no problem. You can pass by the warehouse in OKC for residents and pick it up. We can as well meet and do a face to face deal if the firearm has been laid away.

There’s a 50% lay away fee on any firearm. We lay it away for up to a month and if the client doesn’t pay the rest, the client is refunded but a $10 processing fee is deducted from the amount. Cancellation is done after a week of notification and the refund is done 24 hours after confirmation with the client.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Assault rifles for sale

Assault rifles for sale

We have the most common assault rifles for sale including AK47 rifles for sale with 30 rounds, 45 rounds and even 70 rounds magazines. We also have Ar15 rifles for sale, M16 rifles for sale and many other assault rifles. We are willing and able to ship these rifles to either an FFL around you, or directly to your address. We send you the tracking information within 24 hours and also, we follow up on the order for up to 2 weeks to find out if there are any defects with the rifle. During this period, the client can do a return shipment and another rifle will be shipped or the client’s money refunded. We also give support service for all our rifles like, the best places in your city to go shooting and any other help including shooting lessons.

If you are a security company trying to buy some rifles, we’re willing to give you a bulk discount depending on how much the order is and also, shipping is done discreetly or to an FFL around you. Tracking sent to you via email without any waste of time. Looking to buy an assault rifle, then you’re in the right place because we have good deals and also good products. Click here for more information

Some Testimonies

I paid for overnight shipping and I can't believe how fast It came. I bought my rifle from them and I still come back for ammo whenever I wanna go hunting.
discreet arms dealer client
I didn't believe my order would arrive considering the fact that I'm out of the US. But it did and I can walk down my street without the fear of someone harassing me .
client of discreet arms
Living in the streets where I live is a nightmare. Everyday, someone is shot and the only thing I could do was get a pistol for my Son while saving to move out as soon as I got the money.
I just needed something to protect my family without the paperwork. I found these guys and realized I'd been looking in all the wrong place. Now I can sleep in peace with my family.